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Default God wants me to drive a car, not a bike

In attempting to motorbike to work and back 20.0 miles one way, I've been stranded around 5 times out of 6 attempts. Then the motor half of the motorbike died, with terminal coil/magneto doing the Romeo/Juliet, Waco Texas, suicide-bomber self-terminus right when the motor started breaking in.

So I've been pedalling 3 miles to the bus stop, "green-limosine" to town, 1 mile pedal to work. Reverse is brutal due to uphill with hot temps and wind blowing against me. But the bus is cheaper than the car and I get a workout.

But yesterday, as I'm reading a book on the bus..scchreEEECCH/BOOM!!!
A pickup truck about triple the speed limit skids straight through a turn without turning and slams into the front of the bus!

No injuries, thankfully, but my pedal-bike on the front rack takes the first impact and is totally destroyed. And if the bus was 8 feet further along, that pickup would be right into the passenger compartment.

So now I'm stranded for like, maybe, the 7th time in 2 weeks? I lost count. But another bus arrives to carry us out and finish the route. And as I'm talking to the transit supervisor about how and where to pursue compesation for a replacement bike, the new bus pulls away without me!
Stranded again!!

So the transit supervisor sees I'm 8 miles from home and reluctantly volunteers to give me a ride home...But after info gathering and police reports, he realizes he has barely enough time to take the bus driver in for the time-sensitive-regulation-required drug/alcohol test even though it is plain that truck slid WAAYYY into the bus.

So now I'm stranded a third time, within the same ride! and now i'm into the red, having been stranded more times than I've ridden.

In approaching 20 years of driving, I've never been stranded...even when I really should have been.

I believe God is telling me that He made dinosaurs so long ago so that we could use them today, and drive our cars with comfortable temperature control and pleasant music playing with semi-safe zones of metal and plastic around us, while our minds are free to lazily wander from thought to thought, without truly thinking, or feeling, or smelling what is around us..
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