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Default Help! Dax shift kit, SBP BB adapter, crank has play!

Okay, so I've come upon the first problem that has me truly stumped.


Frame: 10 year old Target "China" special. (Essentially the 10 y/o Target equivalent of the "Roadmaster" bikes that WalMart is selling now)

Trying to install a Dax shift kit. My bike originally had a 1-piece Bottom Bracket. I purchased the 1-3 Bottom Bracket adapter from Sick Bike Parts and installed it tonight.

Here's the problem:

Once installed, the new crank from the shift kit has WAY too much play, I'd say a little under a 1/4", even if I leave just enough threads for the left side lockring to barely grab. I can take the slack out, but if I do, the bearing cup threads disappear all the way into the adapter, and I can no longer install the lockring.

Pics to follow.

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