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Default Re: Dremel Moto tool advice

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Dan,I want to thank you in particular for your kind and complementary words. And thanks to all who have given good counsel. Since not all was possible to follow, I picked and chose. I did decide that the flexible shaft was a very good idea and also concluded that the variable speed is problematic. So, last evening I won an ebay bid on an older model 232 flexible shaft single speed for $21.00 with the idea of having a backup in case the other one dies again and to have the advantage of the flexible shaft when it will be especially handy. One of the uses I have for the dremel is "punching" stitch holes in the harness leather I'm using on gas tanks... with a drill bit. The smaller business end of the flexible shaft will be really nice for that. Today I went to an Ace and two other hardware stores in hope of getting that part for the one that died. No deal. I went on line to see if I could order it and it isn't even shown on the parts list. So, after staring at it for awhile I removed the broken part which was no more than a kind of vinyl tubing with ribbing molded in. I removed it and found that a section of clear vinyl hose I use for gas lines fit with some friendly persuasion. It took a couple tries getting it all back together, but it now works again. I didn't do anything about the variable speed switch and won't until the time comes that it doesn't work again. So, I'm back in business and thanks to the good folks here I now have a better idea of what is good and what is bad in the world of Dremel. I hope this has also been of value to someone else contemplating the purchase of one. Whatever you choose, Dremel or another brand, a small rotary tool of like kind is very handy for motorbicycle work. I consider it indispensable and will be glad to have a second one in the toolbox. Stayed within budget, too.
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