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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

i've just been in the garage for the last two hours making gas tank mounts out of a solid block of urethane, with nothing more than a torch and a carpet knife to cut it, and a grinding wheel attached to a drill. my nose and clothes are still full of lead paint and 80 year old rust, copper dust, urethane shavings, and rattle can overspray, all in the attempt to make one of the greatest motorized bikes in recent history.

and you're at the grocery store trying to give away bikes like it's some kinda promotional item you get with a coupon off the back of a candy bar wrapper.

around here, Craigslist is full of people dumping department store bikes, with no custom work done at all, for the prices you're asking. i dunno who's buying, but the ads disappear, so somebody must be.

then there's companies like Ridley, Strider Rides and Deringer, that slap on moped tanks, paint them pretty, and maybe make some fancy CNC'd parts, and sell them for ridiculous prices. and there's a market for those.

then there's me. people ask me about my bikes, and when i tell them i won't take less then $1200, they roll their eyes and say "there's a guy giving them away at the supermarket." or, "i saw one on craigslist for 250..."

i'm not (really) trying to sound harsh, but it's people building cheap bikes and trying to flood the market that really grinds my gears.

if you rebuilt your Murray into a quality bike, you shouldn't be selling it for $300 unless you need to feed your family or a drug addiction.

i guess what i'm trying to say, is don't sell yourself short.

if i were selling a bike for 300, it'd be a spraypainted thriftstore bike, and an old engine in a greasy box. let them put it together...
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