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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

yup. I sell my cheapest for $600 with lights and secondary brakes already on (from a standard beach cruiser) and people here stick their nose up to it. I explain that the bike,engine, and parts run up to $500-$550 and that the rest is for the labor and they STILL go all craptacular on the idea. Usually I just end up saying "OK, go check out how much a 49-66cc moped/scooter costs and get back to me." Even more funny - when they go and buy the kits themselves then wind up calling/emailing me for help. I tell 'em it'll be $20/hr if they want me to do the build for them.

I think that we as builders need to start talking about our prices we sell these for, because really it's the people that sell them for $300 that lead to the buyers thinking you're swindling them if you ask a reasonable higher price. Unless you're taking the cheapest engine possible and using used crusty bikes (how many have I seen on Craigslist??) there's no way you're making any scratch off of selling that cheap, and it just bamboozles the rest of the market..
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