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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

Fourty plus years of restoring antique furniture and selling antiques has proven what everyone has said is right.

People are funny in as much as they value what they buy, by what they pay.
At $300 you are selling to the bargain hunters who will only drive you down. At $800/1,000 you are selling to the serious buyers who won't be looking for bikes at a grocery store parking lot. Great to show them off but not to sell.

If you can, rent a storage room with electricity and put a carpet on the floor with two or three bikes. That way you can show people after work if you have lights in the room and it keeps the people away from your house so the crooks can't get to the source. A lesson I learned the hard way.
Seems if you beat thier brains out thier ears, crooks have rights.

Best of luck.

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