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Default Re: What do you think? Shift kit or new sprocket?

Originally Posted by NerpAngel View Post
So Barely are you saying go for it or just get some adapters and make it work like it normally should... haha. I'm in no way trying to compare a shift kit to a regular sprocket btw. I just want to know what's best for traffic and keeping up with speed.
Well far be it fer me to spend yer monies fer ya...

...but I did get a SBP shiftkit fer my new build heh

No matter how many/few teeth a sprocket has - ifn ya only have the one, yer compromising & loosing performance somewhere *shrug* Low end fer top or the other way 'round...

I'm greedy and want everything my poor lil HT can give

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
I'm seriously considering getting one of those 2 legged kick stands that hold the rear wheel off the ground just for easier starting of the motor.
Great idea, 'cept as a warning - few aftermarket dropstands could take the abuse - shop carefully
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