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Default Re: What do you think? Shift kit or new sprocket?

Cheaper shiftkits were ofc tried, the problems being overhead and one persnickety bearing (the freewheel bearing just isn't cheap - even the "cheap" one lol).

As any business owner can attest there's just no way for any one small parts manufacturer to even try to compete with Chinese mass production, so while these cheap lil engines are commonplace - if ya wanna go beyond what they offer stock... yer jus' gonna hafta make it yerself or if yer very, very lucky - kick some pennies out for a quality part made custom.

I'll bet $1 that after parts & labor, you couldn't make more than justa few bucks ofn the thing if ya tried to sell it - if it's a "one off" you'll lose money and that's a fact. I work at a place that has all the equipment necessary and I do believe I haz teh skillz, but even after I bought my shiftkit (so no R&D even) I did the math, priced out what couldn't be made (bearings, sprockets etc.), and talked to the other guys - and figured out there's no way in heck it'd be worth it... not even remotely. (sorries Pablo - I just hadta know lol, I swears I wasn't gonna steal nufin')

Another way of lookin' at it that makes my wallet a lil less disgruntled is defer some of the cost of the aftermarket stuff by thinkin' how much money ya saved on the engine in the first place - they really are ridiculously low priced. If it's still too rich fer yer blood that's cool, jeebers I can understand that fosho... but if yer waitin' on a jackshaft shifter kit to be sold fer 1/4 the price of an engine ($20 if jus' engine, bout' $40ish if kit)...

Yer gonna be waitin' a loooooooooong time lol

Thread moved as requested BTW

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