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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

glad to hear.... im a chronic undercutter of myself..

the lesson to be learned in the above 3 posts is mentioned in the first or second post. Too cheap freaks people out!

I bet you would get more seriousness out of people by holding some sort of ground at a respectable price! chase away the tire kickers, reel in the deal strikers. Somewhere in between there should be a little bit of paper with the fine print

i have sold one bike for $180 (quick sale, i forced it onto the buyer and he took it and never came back, so i guess it was alright lol) and one that i recently bought back for $350, and got $400 for initially. And the guy who bought it for that much was given a "buddy price" if you know what that means. I felt like i made a worthy sale. Only reason i bought it back was the guy didnt know what he was doing and admitted to me he was over his head lol

*edit: Bottom line, dont undercut your hard work and sell your creations for toy store prices. These are custom built, one off machines! ****, if we had to buy the kits by the tens i bet these things would sell for a grand.
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