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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

It's kinda messed up but oddly 'nuff true that sometimes you can sell stuff for too little and freak people out *shrug* It's happened to me a coupla times when selling tools and stuff (everythin' must go moving sale). When ppl see a almost new $500 item fer $75 or so - they think "OMG what's wrong w/it?" and bicker, mebbe even tryin' fer less.

I almost wonder ifn ya'd be better off puttin' "$500 OBO" on it and letting them "negotiate" you down to your actual selling price?

OFC in the world we live in, 80% of resale value is appearance alone - doesn't matter how well it works so long as it looks good sittin' there lol How 'bout a few pics of the bikes yer tryin' to sell?
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