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Default Is $300 too much for a motorized bicycle?

I've been building these bikes for over a year now and I love building them. I can't afford to keep filling my garage up with bikes that I build so that means I can't keep them all no matter how much I love them. My wife says I can't build anymore until I sell the ones I have so I put them on the market. Here's where the $300 comes in: Today I loaded three bikes into the back of a pickup truck and took them up to the busiest grocery store parking lot in my area. I gave out a hundred cards with my phone number on it and spoke with at least 150 people who were interested in the bikes. Of course everyone wanted to know how much I wanted for the bikes and my cheapest one is for sale for $300 dollars. It's a Murray Westport cruiser that I totally rebuilt from the ground up. I have 250 bucks in the bike including the engine but when I tell people I want $300 for it they look at me like I've lost my mind. What do these people expect for this kind of money? You can't build a Huffy cranbrook with a new 66cc engine on it for much less than 200 bucks and thats buying the bottom shelf ebay engine. These people think that because I built these bikes in my garage that they deserve to buy them at garage sell prices I guess. Sorry folks I guess I'm just venting a litttle but it really pisses me off.
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