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Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum as well as the concept of motorized bikes, so let me introduce myself. I'm 22 and live in Illinois, and i'm not quite that handy when it comes to motors and engines and stuff. I never really cared too much until just the other day when I got to ride my friend's moped. and OH MAN, it was a blast!

So since then i've been contemplating what the best route to take is, as far as motorized bikes go. I have an old bike I want to motorize. It's a female Coast King, Tour Classic. I've been searching around on sites like ebay looking at the selection of bike motor kits.

I'm basically stuck until I can get a few questions answered, so any help would be more than greatly appreciated. I'm curious as to what people's opinions are on gas vs electric. I'm looking to go around 25-30 mph. What kind of bike is suitable to modify? What engine kits anyone can suggest, and where to buy one. I'm kind of skeptic to get on off of ebay, even though I haven't had any problems thus far. Oh and last but not least, are these engines street legal? I won't get any kind of ticket will I?

Thanks and sorry for painfully long first post.
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