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Default Re: Dremel Moto tool advice

Originally Posted by Gareth View Post
It's broke. It can't get any more broke. Might as well open her up and take a look see. Sounds like and easy fix if the post above mine is right...
My thinking exactly. Just put my boots on to go out to the shed to poke around through the tools to find a little star bit to open her up for a look. While I'm at it I'll take look at the variable speed switch wiring and may bypass the switch so that it runs full speed when plugged in (no switch). Then I'll make up a little variable speed box from a light dimmer and plug the dremel in to that. I'd figured on opening it up even before reading the post before yours... thought maybe a fix would suggest itself if I stared at it long enough. Nice to know that the part is available so that I can do it right.
From having looked at what's out there in the dremel world I can see that one of those flex shafts would sure be nice. Dremel must have been making a variation of this tool for a long time as I recall my machinist grandfather having one that had a long shaft and a foot control too, if I remember right. He liked good tools. Me too, if I can afford them. And I like the idea of fixing instead of throwing away. Thanks for all of the advise, everyone.
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