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Default Re: Dremel Moto tool advice

I'd steer clear of buying a dremel off ebay. Go buy a dremel or a sears dremel tool you might pay more but if you have a problem they will in most cases warranty it if you have a problem with the tool.
Most home improvement stores, and wallyword type stores, sell dremels
home depot
I have a dremel from sears it is a dremel in sears clothing works fine variable speed it is getting worn out been dropped and I think the shaft got bent as it vibrates. Plus it 10 years old
I also have a cordless variable speed dremel from walmart it work fine except not a powerful as an (120 volt ac power cord) powered dremel variable speed.
After christmas I bought a dremel at Lowes variable speed. I think I paid around $74.00
for it. It came with accessories most of which I don't use. I try to find the ball bearing motors with variable speed..They last the longest.
When I built the airplane I wore out the same dremel 3 times in 20 months due to using it on fiberglass. I'd send it in for rebuild good as new then it would get ate up from the glass dust.Brushes and bearing even killed the variable speed control once I over heated it more than once it got its guts worked out of it.
it now lives with my son in semi retirement he is not nearly as hard on it as I was.

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