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Default Dremel Moto tool advice

Since I've been fooling with motorbicycles a favorite tool is my Dremel, given to me used by my brother some years ago and much used since. It died yesterday maybe from over use. First the variable speed gave out so that it only ran at full speed. I could live with that and did. Yesterday whatever connects the motor to the shaft which holds the bits stopped connecting. I have shed my tears and am now ready to move on. I looked on ebay at the Dremel offerings, 54 pages worth of attatchments, Motot tools new & used and some clones. What I had was a model 395 Type 3 and it worked well enough. My questions involve whether to go for the same thing again, a different model someone has had good luck with or even an alternate make. The clones are really inexpensive and being a cheapskate are tempting. On the other hand I will be using one often and need it for bike work if nothing else so I'd like to buy one and be done with it. In buying Dremel am I paying for a label or are they really worth more? Any opinions are much appreciated.
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