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Hello, I just joined last night. I thought my previous post took, but it says I've never posted before so here goes:
I am a local government worker living in Indianapolis. What started for me as a practical solution to expensive gas, expensive parking, and less than reliable/predictable bussing has potential to become a new addition to my short list of hobbies. I've been lurking on your site as an observer for some time, learning all I can. I have joined now because, with the income tax refund, I have set the cogs in motion. Parts and components are ordered and are presumed to be on their way.
Wish me luck, I'm using a Micargi Huntington as a base. Some will say that Micargi has a spotty reputation but, so help me, I really like the look of the Huntington. I would swear that's the bike Spookytooth uses for its "Venus".
I'll be putting a ThatsDax engine on it, and a springer fork from Spookytooth that has V-brake bosses. In my time I've worked on mopeds, bikes, cars, trucks, vans, etc. With every one of them, having better brakes was always a good idea. Especially considering that a motorized bicycle is practically invisible to other drivers. On that note, I will also be adding the brightest lights I can track down.
I have to go now, I have a daughter being cute in an effort to get something.

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