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Default Hey Hey Hey guys

So my name is Wayne i've been building MB'S for a couple of years and as i've researched more and more on these ............ WOW what a variety of Ideas out there . I've just reasently started talking to some sources out there and have really enjoyed the profesional outlook of these members ,,, jim with sickshifter,,quinten ezmotorbike,,dick helmutt cycles far ( like Daddy used to say they be usein there head for somthin more than a hat rack ), i;m sure there's more guys out there with the same posative,creative outlook... I just have'nt talked to them... I've built two 2 strokes, 1grubee whopper 3.. very noise gear case ,,,,and my present project ez kit on a stretched cruiser... I will post pic,s later when i'm finished........... TOOK A LITTLE TIME TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO START POSTING...NOT THE BEST WITH COMPUTER'S..
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