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Default Re: skip tooth sprockets

Originally Posted by yojimbo View Post
sorry to get off topic but i have a problem and i hope 1 of you guys could help or point me in the right direction. I live in IL and was about to invest my income tax return in opening a shop but Il just passed a law limiting engine size/hp/speed to under 49cc/ under 1 hp/20 mph. Where the #$%@! can i find a kit like that?!!!
We've got no problem with people starting a new thread for questions like this - we actually encourage it here, so long as it's in at least sorta the right subforum... your question would be good to post in Motorized Bicycle General Discussion or 2 Stroke Bicycle Engines & Kits or even 4 Stroke Bicycle Engines & Kits - but to answer yer question anyway - any of the 49cc kits would be fine, the HP/speed limitation is pretty much impossible to enforce as they're not gonna put yer bike on a Dyno and I've always viewed the speed limitation as a speed limit, as in they can just give you a ticket if you go to fast. It's really not reasonable to expect a vehicle to not be able to exceed a speed... I mean, there's like gravity and hills and stuff lol
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