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, whats up guys, thanx for the comments. actually 2 door, i just started using a buffing wheel , but prior to the wheels i always just use my hands and a ****load of rubbing. i m a nut like that but i get the job done. i just prchased an aluminum polishing kit from harbor freight tools. i can honestly say though, and that kit comes with black red and white compound, but i will honestly say that the mothers gives a better shine than all 3 of the aluminum compounds put together. there truley is no shine like mothers. just have to sand the metal to where its really soft. i dont know i guess im just down with the sickness. if its aluminum i just have to polish it , even if its a chinese motor thats not even worth polishing-lol. heres a pic of the kit i purchased, but i still prefer most the time to just use a couple microfiber towels, some mothers and my hands. i been using the mothers though with the felt bobs, and that polish really aint for buffin wheels, but if you go slow enough it works miracles.... - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

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