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Default Re: Old greybeard looking for motorized info

There's been much brouhaha about the Boost Bottles, I was tempted by them too at first when I saw them. Yet as we've had skilled members do extensive testing, even going so far as to make their own adjustable variants - and still the results were inconclusive at best with the average opinion being that they do nothing at all, I decided I'd not bother as it seems that the only real "benefit" is lookin' kinda cool.

For more info on both sides of the discussion:

I think it may be unfortunately a bit too soon for a real consensus regarding the Mikuni and the CNS carburetors as the CNS is still so new that of the few people that have them - many are probably still figuring out ideal jetting and fiddling with the mix lol Still I would think it safe to assume that since the CNS is a "knock off" product, the Mikuni would be a higher quality with jets and other replacement parts easier to get.

Sorry to hear of your brake woes, but glad to see you've got it sorted. It's also safe to assume that there's no such a thing as an "excessive" amount of detail pics heh
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