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Default Re: Old greybeard looking for motorized info

Appreciate all of your inputs. Before I reshape the intake pipe, I think I'll try the "boost" bottle. Anyone tried this thing. I originally thought it was a bunch of snake oil, but in talking to a couple of go-kart people, they said to try it I just might like it. I would like to hear a consensus between the Mikuni (sp) and the CNC (sp) carbs, as I still would like to have a little more adjustment that just jacking the slide up and down. Are included are the last shots I have available of the bike. If you would like any detailed shot let me know. A couple of pro's and con's that went into the build are:
(1)+++ Front brakes & (2)--- Having to peddle to start the engine......With my arrangement there is no 'coaster' brake nor 'compression' braking from the engine. Any thing above 15mph, the rear only brake is an invitation to disaster, with the original brake quickly folded up into nothing, and that's really uncool, don't ask me how I know. On the other hand, a front brake can also lead to disaster if applied incorrectly. So now that both handle bars are occupied with their own levers, how to add a front brake and lever. I remember seeing a brake lever with 2 cables, I guess I'm not the only one with the problem. In replacing the collapsed rear brake (rim squeezer) with a 210mm disk, I used a caliper with a very handy adjuster built in. The front brake had to be a squeezer becaus of the type of lacing used, so I adapted a squeezer from a old 10sp. After rigging up the cables it was quite easy to adjust the braking bias so that the rear brake locks up before the front, so the front tire won't wash out from under you in a panic stop. (another lesson learned the hard way). Now the only thing I really don't like about this build is that you "Have" to peddle to start the engine. I would have been neat to use the inertia of the bike itself to help overcome the compression. As it is, I don't think it would be possible to start a higher compression engine. Enought for now......Byron
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