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Default Re: Do you have security?

My son and I both use the U lock. Think they are cheap Bell units from wally world but they seem pretty good. Awhile back my other son locked his bike up at work and lost the key (same kind of lock) so I thought cool here is my oppertunity to see how tough these 20 dollar locks are. I tried twisting it off with a four foot frost bar and nothing! I was amazed! A sawsall would take all day and the grinder- well that worked but we got asked by more than one person what the heck we were doing! Good thing he works security there at the college! I feel alright with the u lock but check out what you are buying and if you have the chance see what it takes to break one!

I also use a hardend masterlock for the trailer I pull. It actually takes place of the pin used to hook the trailer to the bike.
But like they say- locks are for keeping honest people out

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