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Talking re: Manic Mechanic isn't closing shop

Originally Posted by lovehamr View Post
I hope you do get it soon but don't hold your breath. I made, and payed, for this order back on the 2nd of Nov.

Description Unit price Qty Amount
Engine Mount
Item# EM-100 , Seat Tube Diameter: 1.41" round , Front tube Diameter: 1.5" max trioval $32.00 USD 1 $32.00 USD
Item# SP-100 , Price Options: Without the purchase of a Sprocket Adapter , Size: 44T $22.00 USD 1 $22.00 USD
Intake Manifold
Item# IM-100 $14.25 USD 1 $14.25 USD
Subtotal $68.25 USD
Shipping and handling $18.40 USD
Total $86.65 USD

I got the manifold about a month after the order and the sprocket about 2 weeks ago, still waiting on the mount though. I was able to get the wife on the phone (after 6 tries) a few days before the sprocket got here and she assured me that they were, at that very minute, on the way to ship everything. To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement.



Hey fellow motorbike member, I can understand that u might be fustrated. From a shop that had planned on closing in November, Jim and Karen are doing everything they can for there customers. I have never met either of them, just spoke to them on the phone like yourself. Like yourself I have ordered the gasket, and intake manifold. I ordered the sproket adapter on Oct 15, 2009 and I ordered the mounting plate on Oct 16 a day later. I originally got my sprocket adapter around a mid Nov or in Dec. I ran into a fitment issue, not at all there fault. But with no fuss or hesitation they sent me a replacement. All of the peices Jim and Karen have made for me have been way better than I excpected. To impress me it takes a lot Steve, and like you I haven't received my motor adapter. I was watching his page daily for the release of there motor mount. Trust me I want it just as bad as you man, it's the only thing holding me up from being complete. But I know when we finally get our parts we will be happy with them Steve. When the fustration get's to you just try to remember, it's 2 people putting out quality parts for a lot of demanding customers. It's the customer that get there stuff and realize for the quality, it was worth the wait.

This message was in no way sent to bash your fustration Steve. I just wanted to let you know everyone is waiting for there parts along with. I have been putting my project together since Feb '09 and so close to being done, its a mid 70's Sears and Robuck. What kind of project are you working on?
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