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Default Ahoy from SD!

I was an Industrial Diesel Mechanic for about 7 years, until I broke my neck and back in a nasty car wreck. After that, a friend loaned me a 150cc Scooter, and I fell in love with the ease of working on small engines, along with the fun of zipping around on a smaller vehicle.

My family's been been into bicycling my entire life (brother was the west coast sales rep for World Force/Azonic), and I started out working in bike shops when I was about 12.

So, the other day, I found an ad for MB's, and immediately fell in love. After looking through the logistics of building one, and reading through the help that others have to offer on this site, I'm doing it. You guys have a really great community here!

The build is going to be a Micargi Mustang GTS, with the Flying Horse 66/80cc 2-stroke kit ($119 kit at BikeBerry). I've already checked out the hub adapter for the rear sprocket at PirateCycles, and am definitely going to go for that option. Direct connection just seems safer and more reliable.

Are there any other options/tips that anyone can think of that would make this build go a bit more smoothly? I'm not afraid to get my "fab" on, and the only real holdback would be finding the correct chain lengths to encompass the extended frame, and extra chain tensioner for the pedal chain to travel under the crankcase properly. Anyone have the 411 on that little number?

Well, other than that, I look forward to becoming a part of the community here! Maybe we can get some SD rides going in the summer time!


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