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Default Re: Alternate Gas Tank, Under Seat?

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
What worked for me is, seperate vent hose from top of tank with a inline fuel filter. Place the filter close too the tank 3" or so. The filter impeads the slosh and gives it time to drain back into tank. I have about 10" of line after the filter. Remember the vent line must installed as to gravity drain back into tank. The fuel line can be installed in serpentine fashion to conserve space.
Great idea Russell, thanks for the tip. I've got 1 other idea I'm going to try first then yours.

Here is a shot of my tank set up going to the engine. Picasa Web Albums - bdiver It's not pretty, but I'm going more for functionality right now since it is more of a work horse type bike, it'll be my daily commuter once I get all the kinks straightened out. I'll also cover the crate with sheet plastic that I use in making signs so you won't even see the gas tank and with my legs on the pedals the engine will hardly be noticeable. I'm going for the stealth look and think I can pull it off except for the noise of the thing but getting it through a secured gate at work with the engine turned off should be no problem.
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