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Default SPRINGER 29er

I was having trouble finding front suspention for my 700c/29er. I did find some shock type forks after a great deal of digging but very expencive and dident have the look I wanted...all the springers i looked at were for 26" tires...but when i looked at pics of venices' lowrider I saw that the bent springer had pleanty of room for a taller tire.....So i ordered one (26" bent springer)...installed it and It looked wicked....the front dropped about 6-7"...I redrilled the cranks so the peddels wouldent touch in the turns....Then I jumped on and it was totalaly unrideable...By dropping the front so much there was no camber left in the head (being a commuter bike it dident start out with much). I tried to ride it couse it looked so cool but the front just went wherever it wanted.....soooo plan B...I removed the bolt going through the spring and replaced it with a threaded rod....made a spacer from an old seat post and raised the whole front to nearly the hight it my amazement the bike handeled like a champ....It no longer skipped in the corners at high speed on bumppy roads wich was the reason I realy needed suspention.....while I was at it I ordered a slant head..(wow what a differance) got a scooter brake lever that has a brake swich in it....hooked up running and brake light.....I ordered 29"x2" Fat Frank creame colored tires(boy they ride great) and while i was at it gave the whole thing a nice thick coat of black enamel on everything (rust is my enemy..I live on the chrome zone)....I Realy Love My bike.....ALOHA ......j
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