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Originally Posted by jbones9869 View Post
Search for a "pagsta mini chopper tank" on ebay. It comes without the gas cap and petcock. Gas caps that fit are $30 and come all the way from hong kong. The petcock recommended by the seller is the same petcock used for a lazer general moped. Problem is... I held off on ordering the petcock... and now ebay says the seller is out of stock. I hope I can either find it elsewhere or fab the kit petcock to work! You will also have to fab the tank mounts... I've seen people use u-bolts but I opted to buy a billet clamp described earlier in this thread. I like the way the tank looks on the bike though! I recommend the tank (so far)!
Thanks JBones....going to tag this thread and wait for some net result news......don't want to get into anything that may not be feasible in the end ...I do appreciate it though !

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