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Default left side bearing plate on sbp shift kit

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I have been riding my bike now with the shift kit on for about 50 miles. Everything seemed all settled in- the chain tension and mounts all good. I noticed today after getting to my destination that the left bearing plate was bent. I check it continuously to make sure all is good and this happened in a matter of 5 miles. I installed the kit with 1/8 in of shaft protruding from the bearing and now it is just inside the bearing from being flush. I see the stiffner angle bracket has pulled away in the middle- only tacked on the very ends and the plate bent. I am pretty certain my mounting of the plates was very good. I used the square like the instruction said and had to adjust the left plate just a touch to get square in both directions. Is it just the torque doing this to the plate? I sent Jim at sick bike parts an email so I'm sure to hear from him soon. Other than that I am very pleased with the shift kit and the other items I purchased from them. Their instructions on the shift kit left no guess work and the quality (besides my problem) is top notch. Any ideas or experience with this problem?
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