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Default Re: Alternate Gas Tank, Under Seat?


I like those ideas. While I am a very handy guy, having somebody point me in the right direction helps tremoundoulsly (sorry, spelling).

I mean, I really like that idea of using a pvc primer can.. I think I got one of those somewhere.

the vent fitting, what do I put on that? I piece of fuel tubing to a hole in the gas tank lid? If not, how do you keep the gas from coming out of the vent and getting on bag, tank, your tail, etc?

Please send pics. I am going to experiment with that idea this weekend and find an appropriate bag.

I am still thinking of a jackshaft for my chopper (bought yet ANOTHER mint OCC chopper, up to 5!!) but will start with a sprocket adapter and probably a 44 or 48 tooth sprocket. I am not too worried about going faster than 25.

I like your pipe with the expansion chamber too. Did you tune that chamber? or, just put it in, and it works pretty well? I saw the sbp expansion chamber setup, and how to tune it, but I would rather have a nice loooong pipe to the back, and weld in a chamber, but putting it at the right sweet spot is key from what I understand.

I lost my old propane torch.. I will go buy one from the tool store or hel-mart this week.

did you use flux? did you put the pipe dope can flange you made on the curved part of the can, or, on the top part? I am thinking I would like to try a horizontal setup, but, curving said flange could be an issue. Is it ok to fill it up with a bunch of solder, if the joint isn't perfectly flat?

Also, what kind of solder? Acid Core, or Flux Core, electronic solder, silver solder, or just plain 'ole solder for welding copper pipe you pick up at Lowes?

Thanks for the additional tips. I am getting pretty excited and I am scheduled out unti May as it is with HUD jobs. Got a week in Northeast PA coming up in a couple of weeks.. Nothing as far north as MA, as I would love to meet up with you and/or the Pirate and check some things out,,

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