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Default Re: Alternate Gas Tank, Under Seat?

Good to hear from you! That is an old picture, last season. However the tank/ bag looks exactly the same. It had a 48 oz. tank in it, couldn't live with that. Put the new one in 2 wks. ago.
Didn't take pic's.
Fuel cap is a pipe dope can cover(pvc glue primer can is less messy, same can).
1. Open the dope can with a can opener(this gives you a flange to work with).
2. Hole saw a hole in the tank(about 1-1/4") and empty contents.
3. Drill vent hole, same plane oppsite end. about 3/8 dia.
4. Solder 90 Deg. 1/8 brass pipe fitting for vent in 3/8 hole.
5. solder filler cap flange over 1-1/4" hole.
6. drill another 3/8" hole in bottom of tank for another 1/8" 45 or 90 Deg. brass pipe fitting.
7. Solder brackets as needed for mounting.

keep the can half full of water when soldering(makes it much easier to work with if you are using propane torch).
I will get some Pic,s friday.

Later Jim

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