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Default Re: Old greybeard looking for motorized info

Welcome to the forum wacoykc, I agree that the stock carb is a POS that outa be chucked into the ocean - but given that you've only put a single tank of fuel through it I'd lay long odds on the engine not being fully broken in yet, they're well known for their four stroking habits for at least the first 100-300 miles.

I'd also cut back on yer oil mix, I'm runnin' 40:1 with Amsoil's 50:1 "Injector" and TBH even that's a lil heavy, to run 40:1 with a synthetic rated at 100:1 could be excessive, it might well be loading up bad - have you checked the piston for carbon build up? (it's a lil early, but worth a glance).

As for good ol' Spooky Tooth, I'm kinda wondering if they're busy or something... Normally friendly & helpful - I too have had problems of late. Have you tried simply calling them or are you emailing them? I did however just get the new CNS carb from them, I was plannin' on getting a Dellorto but I cheaped out at the last second heh

While the new 66 NT is a marginal improvement over the one included with your kit (yours may even have it, they're standard w/grubee now - check for a 2nd fuel shut off on it) - it's not enough of an improvement to warrant calling it an "performance upgrade" and judging from what you've done with yer build already - you'd prolly want far more than what it provides... like a fuel/air mix screw lol

Here's a lil babble and banter about the three main "performance" carbs found for these things - be sure to read till the end of the threads tho as this tends to be a learning curve for us all (and there's more info than jus' these links)




Defo lookin' forward to some pics of yer ride BTW
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