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Default Re: At a Crossroads...

Thanks for the replies. The reason why I would go with a 34t sprocket probably is because Andyinchville sells those for $25 versus $38 for the rest. I am using his special sprocket because I have one of his Top Hat adapters.

Should I go with a SBP Tuned Pipe instead of a CNS carburetor? Then should I start working on a new bike? The reason why I doubt the reliability of this 2 stroke is because it makes some strange noises and because I have heard that China Girls can be unreliable.

I'll make sure that the motor stays upright. Hopefully the correct length of chain will fix this.
Should I do the following in this order? What's your opinion?:

a. fix chain length, fix motor lean
b. install SBP tuned pipe and sand intake/ exhaust?
c. fix carburetor clearance problem
d. sell bike and work on new frame?

Thanks again.
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