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Default Old greybeard looking for motorized info

Fellow riders:
Been lurking for quite some time now, but have come upon a point of concern in trying to wake up an advertiser. Let me digress a bit for this thread being an introduction. I'm retired and have several interrelated hobbies. Antique aircraft, Cushman & Mustang motorscooters, Model T Ford Speedsters are the major areas of my interest, that is, until someone said that there's no way that a Chinese bicycle motor and a 5sp derailleur could be mounted in my 1st gen, Schwinn Chopper bicycle. I just love to tell these clowns to hide in the bushes and watch. Well, using several of your vendors, including ones that sell the jackshafts, the multicable brake lever, the freewheels for both the peddles and rear wheel, the 5sp rear sprocket cluster, the rear disk brake & caliper, the extractor exhaust pipe, the handle mounted shifter, the 80cc motor (actually cc's at 66.5) boost bottle etc. etc. After custom fabricating a motor mount that positions the motor so its looks right in the bicycle frame, and lot of trial and fitting, I've come up with a little terror that can do 40mph in 4th gear. I'm afraid to put it in 5th (I don't bounce anymore, just splat). Now my reason for joining. I can't get this thing to idle and have not been successful in getting it to 2 cycle, always 4 cycle. Tried all needle settings, and several gas ratios, settling on a 40/1 mix of Amsoil 100/1 additive that seems to run the best, with the given carb. This carb isn't worth the beer cans that was melted down to make it. Now.....I've been trying to get in touch with a Co. called Spooky Tooth about a couple of carbs their advertising, 1 being called a CNS and the other a 66 NT (imagine that) or any other ideas they might have about my problem. Now you would think that a customer ready to spend money would generate a little interest (not). Maby one of your listers might have an idea for carburators. By the way, I've ported the engine out about 75 % of max. and it does run quite well on 4 cycle. I only have a little over 1 tank of gas thru it. I'd be interested in any feedback.....Byron
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