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Default At a Crossroads...

Right now I am not sure what to do with my bike. I have put together a relatively nice 2 stroke thatsdax kit on a smaller mountain bike frame. I would definitely benefit from a larger frame and I would like to eventually move to a reliable 4-stroke since I am planning a 1000 mile journey in a few months. Right now there are a few problems with my 2 stroke bike that I will need to sort through before I can put it on the market though:

1. The engine is tilting to one side since my chain is slightly too tight. I will get a half link to remedy this problem.

2. The carburetor is tilting to one side since there is not quite enough space between it and the seat post.

3. I'm running a 40 tooth sprocket but I am unable to hit speeds greater than about 25 mph without worrying about over revving the engine. It would be nice to have a 30 mph cruising speed.

The first problem is easy enough to fix, however the second is more complicated. I can get an offset intake from Grubee for my stock carburetor, but I could also just get the CNS carburetor which includes the offset intake, new fuel line, throttle cable, handle-bar choke, and better adjustability for $50. I am not sure if this is worth it if I am planning to sell the bike in a couple months. I usually ride the bike about 2x per week.

Finally, the 3rd problem is also complicated. I could get a 34 tooth sprocket from Andyinchville to go with my top-hat adapter for $25 but I am not sure that I will have enough power while going uphill (there are quite a few hills here). If I polished the intake and exhaust ports and tuned the CNS carburetor, could it make up for the 34 tooth sprocket? I could just go with a tuned pipe, but I don't really feel like putting another $70+ into this bike.

Also in a couple months, do you think that there will be a better selection of 4-stroke kits?

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