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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Hate to be the skeptic-

but i'm not a big fan of old bikes-

alloy 26" rims have been common since the '80's and strong enough- much lighter.

And the modern oversized tubing frame is much lighter too, and plenty strong-

if it's not, maybe you should just try a dirtbike.

Overall a modern cruiser is much much lighter than an old pig irom welded frame with steel rims-

These little motors have that much less to pull then.
Hate to be a realist-

but there's really no comparison between the two-

I've both a modern all-aluminum motorized bike and a all steel vintage one, I never expected the heavy as **** old bicycle to have the same performance as the new, far lighter build - the wheelset alone on my 70yo bike weighs in about the same as the entire aluminum bike lol (engine not included).

It's like trying to compare a '41 Indian to a 2010 Ducati - to say it's "apples and oranges" would be an understatement to say the least

It's all personal preference and application, for the long Sunday cruises my ol' bike is the clear winner in comfort and style - but I won't be entering it in the Death Race and that's a fact heh, for destroying the local mopeds and seeing how far I can throw myself off some rocky trail - the aluminum bike is ideal.

There's no "right or wrong" - it's whatever pleases you. Don't like the ol' "pig iron"? Don't get one

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