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Default Re: Is this a good buy?


GT1 MOTORIZED BICYCLE ENGINE KIT (item 290380218023 end time Feb-08-10 15:07:27 PST)
AU $849.99
Approximate US $752.92

If the exchange rate is correct - then yeah, that's about right for a pre-built motorized bicycle w/the accessories that 'un has. While in the US you can get a kit for about $150usd (+S&H) and with buying a new bike it outa run you less than $500usd or so after all's done and said - I've heard you poor aussies pay a bit more for the kits and ofc there's their profit margin to consider.

These kits really aren't difficult to install provided you choose the bike for it carefully, so if budget is a consideration I'd recommend lookin' into building one yerself As I'm a lil over 6' myself - I feel yer pain lol, but that's nothin' a layback seat post and the proper handlebars wont fix. As for the 50cc vs the "80cc" (66cc actual) it's a marginal difference in power, but as I think you guys are limited to less than a 50cc's power output anyway - might as well go for the big 'un... I'm not sure about the legality in Australia... it's like 200w or somethin'? We've a few members that'll help w/that I'm sure

Welcome to the forum BTW and fear not - you'll be allowed to post links after you've made a few other posts first, we do this to help fend off the evil spammage

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