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Originally Posted by momentummotorgroup View Post
in the end you get what you pay for, period. I change out all my screws with hardened metric replacements on every build.. There isn't much room to complain when it comes to buying an engine for $150 bucks. That's why we're all here - to help each other with ideas and work-throughs.

When it comes down to it, we can be as snarky as we want to be about the Chinese, but in the end, we're going to buy their kits because they are cheap, and not to get political, but we're currently like 3 trillion in debt to them because we needed money for the wars and we tend to buy up every cheap crap gimmick schtick that they shill out.

our best option is to reverse engineer these things here and make a more solid engine.

the other option is to learn Chinese and address them directly.

I'm think I'm gonna stick with spending the extra $10 on the upgraded fasteners and buying boutique parts sold through the vendors here.

Well versed...admirable to a fault.....indeed we are slaves until an American company decides to rain upon us ....There's still ....TWO BILLION Chinese ......okay....a Russian design.....manufactured in China ....sold throughout Canada....and implemented in the States....I think I get the gist of it ....but I might be wrong.....I'm open to suggestions and take kindly to advice......

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