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Default Re: New Engine, Clutch Problem?

Thanks for your help.

I swung the arm back counterclockwise until it met resistance. It pointed backwards. I then put my weight into the arm, knowing that the spring for the clutch is heavy-duty (from the complete tear-down pictures). To my surprise, the arm did not break, and I could feel the spring compress.

However, while the spring was compressed, the sproket still could not be moved by hand. It feels like it is either dragging on something, or it is caught. Considering that this is a brand-spanking-new engine, I'm betting that the disengaged drag is still going to be greater than what I should be able to comfortably move with my fingers. I kown that there is a considerable amount of drag to pedal-through while the clutch is disengaged on my original "fried" engine. From now on, my backpack is going to contain any tools expected for a road reapir, including those to remove the chain.

Your instructions really helped me to figure-out that this engine is probably going to work as expected. Thanks for your help!

By the way, is there a DAX manual available, or does one come with the original kit? Does the full-blown kit contain detailed instructions on how to do everything, or are we supposed to guess our way through all of it?


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