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Originally Posted by exavid View Post
The screws and bolts used in bicycles and these motor kits are pretty small. It isn't practical to use the "reef it down until it goes soft and back it out on quarter turn" method. These fasteners, except for the head bolts, need to be snugged down, not as tight as you can get them. No gorilla needed here.
Allen head socket screws are good, second choice would be slotted heads. Worst of all is Phillips, these are the easiest to strip out the heads to the point the screwdriver won't take them out. Be careful with Loctite, it can make it difficult to remove the screws later on. One useful thing is to replace the nuts on the mounting bolts with self locking nuts. Not on the exhaust or intake unless you get all metal self locking nuts which won't lose their grip when hot.
I will never understand how philips bits ever came to be popular in the slightest degree, and yet we see so many of these lame heads out there. I must be missing something. I highly doubt it but maybe thier cheaper to make.
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