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Man, Comrade, She has a great point. Be careful!

"Tune in next time for... oils well that ends well; or Tanks a lot!" lol Wayne

I have been the guy staring in the radar when a target's bearing is constant and range decreasing. Not fun! (small boats in the fog or dark, bearing down on ya at suicidal speeds, intent on scratching up your paint)

Your trip sounds like it will be a blast! Looking forward to the pics.

I am wearing a colander.

hehehe, said that about 12 times this morning at work. Surprisingly, I was the only one who thought it was funny.

My boss; "Morning" Me; "Good morning, I am wearing a colander" He didn't look up to see if I was in fact wearing one. Just kept walking. I'd like to think it was just Monday, but think he is getting used to me and assumed I was.

Tea kettle for a gas tank and a colander for a helmet on a MB/boat. Has to be done just for the pics!
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