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First off I'm fairly pleased with what I've got - a moped that looks like it can cruise at 22 mph most of the time without breaking a sweat. I purchased the 80/66 cc model from BoysGoFast off eBay. For the $150 I've got into this project (some things have been upgraded ) what more can you ask for?

I am disappointed that it basically tops out at 25 on the flat and level. (FYI - the tach was at 5550 rpm at 25 mph.) It needed a little bit of help going up some really steep hills but that's fine, I didn't have to pedal much and the engines bogging down eased up immensely while I didn't have to work hard at all. Usually going up those hills I have to drop down to first and really crank to get up them and now it will be with ease.

Now my buddy has a Honda Metropolitan 49cc (4 stroke) that will top out at 43 mph and my goal was to at least match him so I have some work to do. I really wanted to do it under $200 to his $2400 especially since my motor is 66cc and a 2 stroke, but it looks like I'll need to just chill. Another goal is to hit at least 35 so I will not impede traffic and that does look attainable with a few mods, so let the party begin.

The clutch did not have a little bearing inside and it looks like I need a 5/16" or so. I called all over and could only find places that would sell me a box of 65 for $12. I called a bicycle shop and they had a 1/4" for 4 cents so I picked up a couple and gave it a shot. It worked fine. I'll continue to try and find a larger one but for now this will work. After some adjustments I got it to idle 2200-2400 RPM which seems a tad high so I'll do more research on that speed. More clutch adjustment is necessary but it at least works now.

I tried the choke and for me it doesn't do anything except make the engine NOT start. I leave it off and the bike seems to fire up quickly and run pretty decent in 20 seconds. Anyone use the choke? Bueller?

Chain issue - loose and slapping around, so I took some more links out and then it was so tight I could hardly put the master link in. Once I got that on and ran it around the block it loosened up some more and the tensioner was installed. I had to turn it around to get the alignment right and now no clunking, chain is fairly tight (little play) and all seems good.

I am not using the stock gas tank, a 1 gallon regular plastic tank its in the milk crate on the back rack that I carry my stuff in for commuting and will be basically hidden and the motor will be mostly covered up with my legs in the pedal position so it will be quite stealthy which is another goal. Looking good Winthorp ;-) I'll post more picts of the project maybe later today when I get home.

After about 1/2 hr of ridding around the hood, I'll do a couple more 1/2 hr rides to make sure it's up to the task and put it into commuting service. Sorry to bore you, thanks again for everyone's help. :-)
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