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Default Re: Another Old Guy Looking to dip my toe in the water

Hey combat - it sounds like you've done your research well as the Grubee and the PK both seem the easiest to get replacement parts for. To the best of my knowledge neither use bushings and while "reliability" is sort of an open-ended question with much depending on the owner's skill and experience - even my "no-name" first kit is still going strong with a minimum of attention and lots of abuse.

It's a somewhat controversial view to be sure, but I'm still convinced there's actually very little meaningful differences between stock engine kits - that it's far more important to do business with a vendor that has an excellent reputation for customer service as no matter the "brand" it still comes down to "the luck of the draw" - a few engines just fail no matter the sticker on the side... they are after all still el'cheapo Chinese kits lol

We've a few Mainers here on the forum, but typical for the breed - we've not "organized" ourselves in any way heh As far as I know we all live just far enough away from each other as to make it somewhat inconvenient to have a get together (ya can't get thar frm here eh) - but come spring I'm sure we'll hafta do something.

Welcome to the forum

BTW - a alternate solution to disk brake mounting the rear sprocket is Jim's custom sprocket adapter also available through Pirate Cycles (tho they have just the two common sizes).
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