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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Great link Wayne! TY. That show comes on at 1 am here. No kidding, thinking of buying the DVDs. (normally I "borrow" that sort of thing off the interweb)

"Weed bag doesn't work"

"Some one wrote penis on me helmet" "Right, sorry about that. was me"

"I am wearing a colander... "

That is gonna be a bumper sticker! snork

I am wearing a colander is just 2 funny but looks really cool
Ya know Dan, I'd 'ave guessed you were a TV junkie!
Funny part is, I've been to those islands at Ha Long Bay and they are quite the sight to behold
and truth be told, those guys must have had some SERIOUS back-up to ride those contraptions
there! What a HOOT! Last time I was there was for a family funeral, but next time I'd like to take such a trip. The wife wants to do it too, and on motor bikes or scooters! And I've got a couple of family members for tour guides! May be a couple of years from now, but I'll be sure to take lots of pics and vids if we're all still here by then.
I've got some other episodes bookmarked from YouTube if anyone is interested. (involving motorized bicycles of course).

Kinda reminds me of my youth growing up and learning to water ski in Long Island Sound with Tugs, and barges, and tankers and such. Damn, we were up close and personal with those guys, and if you wiped out, it could spell the end for our heros!
Tune in next time for... oils well that ends well; or Tanks a lot!
...I'm not saying we should just kill all the stupid people. Just do away with warning labels and let things sort themselves out.
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