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Default Re: Found the Two Frames!

All good my Friend! Will take some pictures but my muffler thing is just plumbing parts and radiator hose. As the hose expands and contracts, it makes a "thump-thump" sound. (really cool) Just used hose clamps around threaded pipe. Easy dumb stuff but really makes for that cool old world motor sound.

Must be a big shock with all the culture stuff and a move like that. Just know you got friends here and if you need any thing, just let me or us know. I mean it, just holler. Gonna PM you my cell #. I have lived all over the world. Can be trying to learn new cultures and languages. Been there and done that. Folks are good.

PS! please tell folks back home Americans are not all fat, drive huge cars and own guns. Wait, your in TX, never mind, LOL

I am gonna get slammed for that bad joke!
worst apocalypse ever
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