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Default Thinkin' about fenders

I've got a Schwinn Beach Point cruiser bike that will soon be converted to four stroke. After hearing the horror stories about front fenders coming loose and had a couple of thoughts about mounting methods. I'm planning on pop riveting a couple pieces on either side of the fender to make valences ala Indian but not quite so deep. Where the valence passes through the fork on each side I'm going to bolt it to the fork. That way if the bracket did break the fender couldn't rotate forward. One other possibility if one doesn't want to valence the fender would be to make an arch out of 1/16" thick steel or some other suitable piece of metal. Cut a strip about 1/2" wide and long enough to form an inverted 'U' shape that would fit the underside of the fender and extend down below it a half inch or so. Riveting or bolting the arch in two places on the side of the fender and then bolting the tabs to to fork legs would make for a pretty solid and safe attachment. With the added support and the original tab there's little chance a fender would ever be able to rotate forward.
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