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Default Re: Found the Two Frames!

Har, lol "brodder" Is a dumb thing I say instead of "brother" I am one of 2 guys where I work who are white. Every body there calls me "brother" Or brodder. (or "easy E", I have no idea why the last one but these guys are great and good friends) Work with some awesome guys! They call the only other white guy "turkey" Not as any sort of insult but he is the other white meat. lololol is a tuff crowd! My boss was shot twice and not only lived to talk about it, finished the fight and won. (Putting him on the next vid. The guy is a mountain of a man and just as fun as he can be. 6'4 and an easy 400 lbs)

Calvin and I were talking out side a bar when a Harley guy came out. Could buy a small house for what he had in his bike. The thing was a work of art with every thing you could imagine on it. Really, really beautiful ride. He saw Calvin's motorized bicycle and could not stop talking about it. About killed me, lol. I was on my Honda. He was on a China girl.
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