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Default Re: RPMs required for various speeds in friction drive

Very cool link JD, ty! Man we live in a cool time. Can not only use some thing like that but whip it off and send to share. Just amazes me.

Have you seen this one? Index of /ratiocalc Oscculy shared this with me and very patiently explained it to me. Really was tuff for me to get my head around. Couple yrs latter and I am designing drive systems. Gotta love the interweb. (That and my biz partner fixes my lil "opps-es" before we go to market, lol)

Your in Mass!? A few of us are getting together for a ride in 2 weeks in CT. Gotta make it! Great guys. Nutton but fun.

Your Yogi quote is great!
worst apocalypse ever
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