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Default Re: I'm new and ignorant, but I know what I want!

Hey, thanks for the reply. And, thanks for the links to the exhaust pipes. I've tracked down the forks. They are marzocchi bomber triple crown forks. Triple crown forks in general seem to be used for serious heavy-duty off-road cycling. They are also not cheap, ranging from $350 - $1400. Wow, way to expensive for me. And also very much overkill for the application. the problem is, the triple crown fork provides just the right look I'm goin' for. There is, what appears to be an entry level triple crown fork made by marzocchi called the "junior t". Not quite as cool looking, but appears to sell new for around $250. Doesn't look like they have made it for a cpouple years though. If anyone out there has a set of triple crown forks (of any brand), I'm interested in seeing pictures and hearing prices. Yeah, I figured I could just take the pic to a local bike shop and get some tires very similar. Anyone know what I should expect to spend on tires like those? Also, since I'm brand new, is there one of the dealers on this page, anyone can recommend to me to call first? One last question. The fuel tank on the bike in the link looks larger than most I've seen does that appear to be the case or does it look like a standard size? Thanks for all the help guys!
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