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Default I'm new and ignorant, but I know what I want!

OK, so I'm walkin' down the road this week and this guy comes zippin' past me on an old rat rod lookin' cruiser bike with a tiny little put-put engine mounted to it. Obviously I thought it was pretty cool. So I come home and start lookin' on the internet about bicycle engine kits. Then I start lookin' at pictures of bikes with the engines installed. And I come across the photo in this link: I WANT THIS BIKE! I simply must have it. It's like a cafe racer version of a bicycle. I can't afford a cool cafe racer motorcycle, but I might be able to afford a bike like this. Problem is, I know very little about bikes and even less about engine kits for them. I know what kind of frame the bike has. I know (generally) what kind of exhaust it has. But the engine kit, the tires, and the front triple tree forks, I don't know. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction to make this bike a reality for me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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