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Default Re: 'Outta My League' From Arkansas

Welcome to the forum.. When I started I knew very little about anything mechanical. At least not much more than how to change an alternator on a auto. Most things on the bike are "oh yeah of course" leaning experiences.

The worst air lead is at the carb manifold. The carb adjustment is almost always second notch from the top for the needle. The idle screw starts at about four turns back from completely tight and you just adjust from there.

The chain tension is the worst since the chain will be stretching for the first couple of hundred miles or so. The tensioner was the worst for me so I just adjusted the wheel for the motor chain without tensioner and put it on the bike chains side to take up the slack. It doesn't get much stress over there. not sure if you could do that with a mountain bike though.

I do like your bike nice job.
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